Friday, April 9, 2010

Poets Ranked by Beard Weight

Writers and artists always seem to have really impressive facial hair, don't they? I mean, think of Hemingway and Nietzsche! But have you ever wondered, "Which poets have the very best facial hair?" If yes, (and of course you answered yes) you're in luck! The blog Journey Round My Skull has recently uncovered a curious Edwardian book called Poets Ranked by Beard Weight.

Its author, Underwood (whose previous works include Whiskers of the World), proposes that
"that there is a direct correlation between personal appearance and artistic proficiency and integrity, or what, in the case of the bewhiskered brethren of the literary fraternity, he elsewhere calls "poetic gravity" or beard weight. It might be said, in short, that Underwood's motto is the beard makes the bard."

What about it, poets? Do your whiskers keep up with your writing skills? I'm afraid I have no beard and mustache at all!

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