Friday, January 1, 2010

Elements of Urban Agriculture

Today is January 1st! You know what that means? It means you have eighteen days to get your PSR submissions in the mail! Make submitting to PSR your New Year's Resolution!!! (It's way better and cooler than "exercising more").

January 1st also means that we're right in the middle of a long, cold winter. So let's pretend that it's springtime, and that we're getting ready to plant our crops/gardens. You remember when we talked about city chickens and urban farms? The blog landscape+urbanism has a piece up called Elements of Urban Agriculture. They discuss guerilla gardening, backyard gardening, community gardens, school gardens, rooftop gardens, and vertical farming, among other topics.

I think guerilla gardening sounds kind of hilarious. Doesn't it seem like the most grandmotherly anarchist activity ever?



Vanadium Joe said...

There's also Ninja Knitting - darning in the dark.

Valcent is actually producing profitable vertical farming systems the world will hear about very soon:

Charlie said...

Vertical farming actually working today:

plainssongreview said...

Ninja knitting? That sounds difficult! I can't even knit with the lights ON!