Monday, December 28, 2009

Searching for the Real Nebraska

You might remember that back in November, we blogged about the photography exhibit Searching for the Real Nebraska: A Photo Essay on the Great Recession. On January 5, the second part of that exhibit will go up at the Center for Great Plains Studies. The Journal Star has an article about the exhibit with an interview with the photographers.

My favorite part of the interview:

Journal Star: Describe some of the lessons that you learned from different people, maybe even just beyond the lessons of the recession's impact, kind of life lessons, I guess.

Bruggeman: A lot of these small towns, they don't have big movie theaters, art houses, Broadway plays, all the things that people in big cities depend on to entertain themselves after they get off of work. They find happiness in the smaller things in life. I really learned from that that it's more than just the entertainment values of the latest craze of the Internet that make people happy. Sometimes it's family, friends, the home you live in and the dogs you raise, to even crops, just being a farmer and having land that you raised by your hands is something that makes them happy and that's what they live by.

Center for Great Plains Studies
1155 Q Street,
Lincoln, NE 68588-0214.
The gallery is free and open to the public

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