Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cultiva Coffee hosts Great Plains Barista Jam

Speaking from personal experience, I think most writers have considered taking on a part-time job as a barista to stay afloat and support their writing. Coffee and writing have an intimate relationship, and coffee houses are great places to get jazzed up and energized for writing--there's something about that atmosphere that gets the creative juices flowing, in my opinion.

This March, Lincoln's Cultiva Coffee is hosting the Great Plains Barista Jam. This will involve classes on Roasting, Cupping, Basic Barista Skills, Tea and Espresso Equipment Maintenance, a beer tasting with Modern Monks Brewery and a Latte Art Throwdown. This'll be taking place March 11-13th. There are fees to attend classes--but hey, maybe this will get you a job at a hip java joint, and you can make enough tips to move ahead with your first novel!

Now, go grab a cup of joe from your favorite coffee place and get going on next season's PSR submissions!

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