Friday, March 12, 2010

How to Design a Book Cover in 1:55

A creative director made a time-lapse video of herself designing a book cover for what appears to be a steampunk romance novel. We see her revise, photoshop, and do all sorts of other things to make the cover.

Here's what the designer had to say about the process:
"The author, Gail Carriger, had done some research on her own (I love a design-minded author) and found a photo of Donna Ricci, the “goth supermodel”, in an awesome victorian kind of steampunk outfit, and sent it to us. The image was a near perfect starting point, so we just decided to see if we could use that very image. Donna was very happy to be our Alexia, so after a little Photoshop magic to make her look a little less punk and a little more proper Victorian, we were off to a pretty good start. The foggy London backdrop was a no brainer for the story and feel. As you can see from the in-progress image, we initially went very Victorian, very steampunk-feeling. I even designed a medal that I was going to use on the back (the octopus is drawn from the story)...but ultimately it was too old-timey, a little too dark."

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Leah said...

boy howdy, if i worked that fast every day designing, i could get some serious to-do's checked off the list. that was awesomely dizzying to watch.