Friday, February 12, 2010

Explore Lincoln of the Gilded Age

Do you ever find yourself walking around downtown Lincoln, Nebraska, wondering what it would have been like to live here in the late 1800s? Well, you can, no time machine required!

The Gilded Age Plains City is a digital project headed by the CGPS's Plains Humanities Alliance. The project "explores the development of towns and cities on the Great Plains through the lens of a murder case in the 1890s that evolved into a fascinating story that drew the attention of nearly everyone in town and people from across the region and country."

What's neat about this site is that it has both an interactive map and a searchable archive of images and documents that show you what Lincoln was like back in the Gilded Age. This picture is only a block away from CGPS!

(Word of advice: the interactive map does not appear to work in Firefox. Painful though it may be, you must use Internet Explorer.)

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