Friday, February 19, 2010

Are you sure you're a procrastinator?

There's an article in CNN that argues that some people who think that they're procrastinators, are actually something much better, called "incubators." Basically, the distinction is that procrastinators put off work because they're not interested in it or motivated to do it. Incubators, on the other hand, put off work because they're busy subconsciously working on it while doing other things. When an incubator finally does write that paper, it will be wonderful, because they've been actually been working on it the whole time without knowing it.

Are you an incubator or procrastinator? (I'm leaving out the possibility that you are in fact neither, and that you do all of your work on schedule. Does anyone really do that?) I feel like "incubator" mostly functions as a term to describe procrastinators who are good at it. Also, it's a great comeback for when someone reminds you of the homework you should be doing instead of socializing ("But I'm incubating while I'm dancing!")

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