Friday, January 29, 2010

Neil Gaiman's Fantasies

You may remember from way back in September when we featured Neil Gaiman's American Gods on PSR Book Club. The New Yorker has just come out with a fascinating article about Gaiman. He's one of those authors who has both amazing writing and an interesting persona.

An excerpt:
Of course, he wants to become a character,” Stephin Merritt, who is the lead singer of the Magnetic Fields and a friend of Gaiman, says. “He’s not Salvador Dali, but he’s not far off. There’s no hard line between his persona and his private life.” Jon Levin, Gaiman’s film agent, says he recognized his client’s popularity only when he took him to a meeting at Warner Bros. and all the secretaries got up from their desks to ask for autographs. Someone said, “That never happens when Tom Cruise is here.”

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