Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gar's Tips on Sucks-Less Writing

For whatever reason, I've been on a writing advice kick lately. Sometimes you just need some wise words to bolster you up, right? One of my favorite new finds is Gar's Tips on Sucks-Less Writing.

An excerpt:

* Writers Write!
Mike Gunderloy, editor of the zine review guide Factsheet Five, used to say that, even if you aren't a writer to begin with, after cranking out a million words or so, you're a writer! Gunderloy himself was a prime example. He wasn't much of one when he started F5, his "zine of zines," but he sure as hell was by the time he called it quits many millions of words later. By then, he had truly mastered the art of short-form, concise and spunky media criticism.

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